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Enchanted Princess Gown With Cape For Celebratory Events

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Embark on a magical adventure with this enchanting princess gown, designed for memorable events and imaginative festivities. The gown captures the spirit of a fantastical world with its rich hues and intricate details, offering a distinguished look for any themed celebration.


  • Size: Available in various sizes to accommodate a range of ages from early childhood to pre-teen years.
  • Material: Made from a selection of gauzy and velvety fabrics, providing an elegant drape and comfortable wear.
  • Special Features: Includes a detachable cape that adds a layer of royal flair to the ensemble.
  • Technical Specifications: Features intricate embroidery and decorative gem-like embellishments for a regal appearance.
  • Shape: The gown offers a full-skirted silhouette that sways gracefully with every movement.
  • Pattern: Embroidered with floral and scrollwork designs that complement the overall majestic theme.
  • Texture: The gown combines multiple textures, from smooth bodices to layered tulle, enhancing the tactile experience.
  • Design: Crafted with a harmonious blend of color and pattern, this gown is a standout piece for any festive wardrobe.

Size Chart (Inches):

Size Bust Waist Skirt Length
2T 58 52 35
3T 60 54 41
4T 62 56 47
5T 64 58 54
6T 66 60 58
7T 68 62 63
9T 70 64 68